The story of my Garden Box

First -- THE PLAN!

Step 2: Choose the location

Step 2: Trip to the hardware store!

Next : Check the Supplies

Also check the tools...

Next : Prep the wood

Step 2: Go to the hardware store - again

Time to level the playing field

Now lay the foundation

And finally, ready to get dirty!

take a break to check on my pregnant arugula.

The first load!... not quite enough.

3 loads later...

Let's set up some irrigation. Start with the timer, backflow preventer and pressure regulator.

Get the water into the box

Now start plumbing

Ready to test

It works!

Now plants (and seeds).

Finally Austin Amber time!

The night shift...
Much like the Army of Anubis from "Return of the Mummy", I resurrected an army of 2000 ladybugs to fight off my aphids! ...Of course many of them are still crawling on me as I type.